The company


We are going to tell you a bit about us. This company was founded
since the 1980s and we have not stopped innovating and growing.


We are going to tell you a little about us. This company was founded since the 1980s and we have not stopped from innovating and growing.


ADOM is a Canarian company founded in Tenerife in the 1980s by Ángel Domínguez González.

In the 90s we moved to Polígono Industrial La Campana,  in the municipality of El Rosario, to spacious and modern facilities where we have managed to increase our production capacity, improve weighing precision and have greater space for storage, thereby offering better service to our customers.

The key of ADOM has been in the selection of high quality raw materials to which is added  a good dose of imagination, creativity and a great effort to grasp the idea of each of our clients. Furthermore, we are constantly researching  for product improvement.


Our purpose is directed towards  the effort and the creation of good products. We use the company to inspire and implement solutions to tackle the environmental problem with the creation of safe and high-quality products from our range of ecological products. (Ecolabel)

Create an internationalization process in new markets.
May our products be a benchmark for new entrepreneurs and goes hand in hand with environmental care.

Caring for the environment and the human being with awareness actions.

Integration of society  by the company with humanitarian actions and understanding of the staff.
Maintain a sustainable production, with the same high quality.
Create a work environment which rests upon pillars which have always characterized us:  responsibility, honesty, humility and solidarity.


ADOM’s objective is to meet the quality requirements of our clients and collaborators, fulfilling their expectations with the highest possible reliability, betting on transparency and closeness to all of them, thus ensuring the success of our business relationships. Motivated by this, we make commitments:

– Quality is the result of planned actions and systematic PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT methods throughout the supply and manufacturing process.

– Contractual requirements, legal obligations and customer expectations are fundamental criteria to establish the quality standard of our services and products. Seeking to offer an extensive range of products to meet the needs of each client and expanding those that are respectful with the environment.

– Quality requirements and contractual requirements must be effectively translated into specifications that are managed with suppliers through fluid communication.

– Quality is a common work of all the the departments of the company.

– Each  employee at ADOM is responsible for the quality of their work. The  Management department is responsible for keeping the system alive, according to  quality objectives, hence  compatible with the context and the strategic management.

– The application of this policy requires the integration of the entire human team of the company. Therefore, the Management considers MOTIVATION and TRAINING actions to be a priority.

– Create a pleasant and comfortable work environment, in which respect and mutual understanding prevail, facilitating motivation and involvement of all staff and the commitment to quality.

ADOM’s management is based on its policy for developing a strategic direction which  in turn provides a a reference framework  when setting  quality objectives and ensuring the commitment to comply with the applicable requirements.



Human talent has been essential to achieve the goals of the company. We are a team with high professional skills, with  continuos training from the company and  fair working conditions in a safe and pleasant environment. This motives  the ADOM employee who is also deeply committed to our philosophy of “Good Service”.


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